4 Great Reasons for a Maxi Cab Limo Corporate Account

Business is competitive by nature. When you’re trying to land a new client, or maintain an existing customer relationship, anything you can do to make your company the most attractive option is important.

Staying competitive often comes down to the details. Whether it’s hosting a lunch at a restaurant with the right atmosphere, sending thoughtful gifts on holidays or special occasions, or making sure your client always gets an unparalleled experience every time you meet.

When you want to add that extra touch to your corporate image, Maxi Cab Singapore offers the superior service, professionalism and discretion both you and your clients deserve when it comes to transportation. Here are just some of the benefits our corporate clients enjoy.

Limousine Singapore

Business on the Go

Mobile service in the city can be slow and spotty. Sometimes, even making a simple phone call is a real challenge, not to mention staying in touch with the office while you’re traveling around Singapore. As part of our exceptional level of service, all Maxi Cab vehicles come equipped with Wi-Fi upon request. This means you never have to worry about missing an important email, not catching up on an important task or feeling disconnected from work or your clients. What’s more, Maxi Cab Limo vehicles also offer GPS navigation to make finding your destination easy. And in business, arriving on time means everything.

A Lasting Impression

Imagine setting up an important meeting with a client, only to have them show up stressed out and distracted after riding in a taxi, on the train or threading their way through busy Singapore sidewalks. Rather than having prospective or established clients take on the city alone, have Maxi Cab provide their transportation to and from the meeting. Our chauffeurs are skilled at providing the ultimate transportation experience, and will help set the tone for a productive meeting from the moment they arrive.

For Business Travelers

Maxi Cab Limo offers premium transportation to and from every Singapore airport. Whether your team is heading out of the city for a trade show, or you’re bringing in clients for a critical sales meeting, we’ll make sure the trip is nothing less than exceptional. Plus, not only will your driver take care of your bags and other travel essentials, our Maxi Cab On-Time Guarantee ensures you have enough time for a relaxed departure or casual ride into the city.

Also, while Maxi Cab Limo is based in Singapore, we are a worldwide transportation leader, with over 200 affiliates around the globe that offer the same level of service and professionalism. This means that wherever you go, you’ll be treated to the same Maxi Cab Limousine experience you’re used to at home.

Perks & Customization

As a corporate client, you’ll enjoy priority booking on our vehicles – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and receive access to streamlined account management through our all-in-one dashboard. Not only does our dashboard simplify expense management for your staff with its intuitive design and intelligent features, it offers real-time information on reservations, orders and spending to ensure organization and clarity. Additionally, Maxi Cab Limo will tailor your billing, reporting and payment schedules to accommodate your business.

When you sign up for a corporate account, you’ll also be set up with one point of contact who is dedicated to your account. This ensures you will be treated to personalized service both on the road and any time you contact us by email, phone and online.

Isn’t it time you upgraded your company’s transportation service? Get more information on a Maxi Cab corporate account now!

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